"Palmera Invest" Company

The funds of all our clients are automatically insured. Our partners are very concerned about the safety of their clients' funds, and they are experiencing any changes in the financial world, which is why all the funds of our clients are insured and safe with a large European bank, protected by the best quality security system.

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The total reserve allocated for insurance is:
$ 15 496 836
Opening deals after the signals of our analysts
Reliability of analysis up to 98.9%
We cooperate with legal entities with an investment portfolio of $100,000 or more
30% of the client's net profit, paid to the company's current account
Customer support via chat 24/7
34 analysts on staff
What do our analysts do?
They carry out an analysis of the corporate securities market, a fundamental analysis of joint-stock companies, companies, IT companies, factories, stores (both food and non-food), enterprises, states and even large countries. We issue securities, which are subsequently used by many non-analytical companies, and our analysts also process statistical data and analyze specific industries.
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