On Thursday, March 11, it became known that JPMorgan will issue a structured note on April 6 with shares of companies related to cryptocurrency.

The note consists of 11 shares, with 68% coming from MicroStrategy Incorporated (NASDAQ:MSTR) (20%), Square (NYSE:SQ) (18%), Riot Blockchain Inc (NASDAQ:RIOT) (15%) and NVIDIA ( NASDAQ:NVDA) (15%). Since the yield of notes depends on the dynamics of the underlying assets, these four securities will have the greatest impact on the cost of the new instrument.

Payments on the bonds will be made based on the performance of the companies included in the basket, less a 1.5% commission. Repayment is scheduled for May 2022. However, direct investments in cryptocurrency are not provided.

Most recently, JPMorgan Chase & Co (NYSE:JPM) released a report warning that traditional financial services companies are at risk of falling behind in digital finance. And now the largest US bank is trying to release a tool associated with companies focused on cryptocurrency.

JPMorgan’s initiative has been criticized by a number of experts. Jeff Dorman, chief investment officer of cryptocurrency investment firm Arca, described the structured note as a “junk” portfolio in a tweet, arguing that the companies in JPMorgan’s basket “have nothing to do with cryptocurrencies.”

According to Forbes, the criticism has merit. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have little to do with the core business and profitability of companies like Square or NVIDIA.

According to Jack Tatar, managing partner of cryptocurrency firm Doyle Capital Management and editor of the Forbes investment newsletter Crypto Asset & Blockchain Advisor, JPMorgan’s move could be seen as a “deceptive hook” for investing in cryptocurrency, since many financial advisors and institutional investors are unable to invest directly in bitcoin.

According to Tatar, introducing a 1.5% commission on a product that does not offer direct access to bitcoins is a way for the bank to “cash in” on the expanding market for its own benefit.

Last week, another major bank, Goldman Sachs, announced the relaunch of its cryptocurrency trading desk. It will begin offering Bitcoin futures to clients at the end of March.