Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) founder Mark Zuckerberg named his pet goats Bitcoin and Max, which immediately gave rise to a whole series of memes about “bitcoin maximalism.”

The founder of Facebook and one of the richest people in the world, Mark Zuckerberg, runs his own farm where he raises livestock. As the creator of Libra explains, he only eats meat from animals that he personally kills. Thus, he emphasizes his desire for healthy eating.

However, Mark Zuckerberg’s latest post on Facebook has seriously puzzled traders and crypto experts. In it, the founder of the largest social network shared information that the two domestic goats that live on Zuckerberg’s farm are named Bitcoin and Max.

This message instantly caused a strong reaction in the crypto world. Traders began to wonder what secret meaning Zuckerberg wanted to put into the names of his animals. Various assumptions have been put forward: from Zuckerberg’s purchase of bitcoins to the Facebook owner’s desire to collapse the cryptocurrency market.

“I refuse to believe that Zuckerberg’s message doesn’t contain some kind of strategic, coded message. This guy is going through his fifth ‘Civilisation’ on ‘Deity’ (note – the highest difficulty level) while running Facebook,” writes Arjun Balaji, an investment partner at Paradigm Fund.

Other experts believe that the Bitcoin rate will rise sharply. They compare this news with Elon Musk’s tweet, when he raised the price of a crypto coin to record levels with one word.

“It’s time for Zuckerberg’s goats to drive the market up. Very much in the spirit of 2021. Elon added Bitcoin to his profile and prices skyrocketed. The same thing should happen now, since he called the goats ‘Max’ and ‘Bitcoin’, says economist Alex Kruger.

Analyst and founder of CryptoQuant, Ki Young Joo, would not be surprised to learn that Facebook has invested in Bitcoin. According to him, large investors have been accumulating currency since February.

While experts are discussing Zuckerberg’s goats, the price of Bitcoin remains stable and at the time of writing is $57,152.

The cryptocommunity expects an explosive growth of bitcoin price after the publication of Mark Zuckerberg’s photo of goats, while other “pets” continue to conquer the market. The main hero of this week remains the SHIB token, named after the Shiba Inu dog breed. In a few days, the volume of trades in the coin exceeded $20 billion, although the value of the token still does not exceed one cent. Experts warn that one should not give in to euphoria. The SHIB token has no value, and its price is not based on anything. It is a very speculative instrument, so the risk of losing money is very high.

And if dogs are leading in the cryptocurrency market, then in the segment of non-exchangeable tokens, cats are in charge. Recall that in one day of the auction went under the hammer cryptocats from the long-forgotten collection of CryptoCats. The volume of trades approached $3 million.